Saturday morning, October 7, 2023, the Hamas terror organization launched a surprise attack against Israel. On that day, Capt. Eden Nimri of blessed memory was serving in the “Skyrider” fighters unit (Rochash team), which operates UAVs to accompany special forces in the field. She was at the Nahal Oz post, about 500 yards from the border with Gaza.

When she heard the siren, Eden took her team into a concrete Safe Area ('Migunit'), where about 30 unarmed female soldiers of the Border Protection Corps (lookouts etc) and of the Gaza Division (medics, Communication, intelligence and more), whom she did not know, had already found shelter. Only the Rochash fighters team was armed

From the explosions echoing near the post, and from the announcement, Eden understood that terrorists had managed to penetrate.  She took command of the Migunit without her uniforms and ranks, only in her pajamas, with her weapon, her Natural leadership and Charisma

The Migunit had two openings, and while 'commanding from the front' Eden positioned herself in the doorway close to the entrance from which the terrorists would employ (As described by one of the survivors: "What she did was simply the greatest self-sacrifice possible. Even if she didn't know exactly what was going on, she walked alone in the direction of the shots and the shouting in Arabic."). She positioned her team of 4 fighters to move near the other opening. Eden calmed down the female soldiers and directed her fighters without speaking (only with hand signals) to put a bullet in the barrel and directed them about firing directions to protect the Migunit .
In this way, Eden set a trap for the terrorists: At around 7:45 , The first terrorist entered through the opening that Eden expected him to use, and the soldiers, who were already aiming their cocked rifles there, killed that terrorist. But as Eden had anticipated, many more terrorists charged the entrance, tossed grenades in, and opened fire. Eden protected the other soldiers with her body and remained to fight taking the worst of the attack, while managing to return fire and lead the defense

Eden was killed but by fighting, she gained few precious seconds allowing 11 female soldiers (4 Rochash fighters and 7 others) to run from the Migunit to the rooms where they hid and waited about 7 hours until they were rescued alive. A number of female soldiers were kidnapped by the terrorists from the Migunit, one already returned alive and we pray for the return of the rest

Eden, a swimmer who could have served under the special conditions of an outstanding Athlete, had volunteered instead for a piloting course and then chosen to serve in the elite “Skyrider” unit. May she rest in peace.


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